Frequently Asked Questions


Where is la radz products made?

All of our skincare products are made in South Africa. We import all of our pure oils from different regions of the world and then bottle them in SA to ensure that we provide the highest quality oils for our customers.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. At la radz, we care about animals and the environment. We are huge cruelty-free advocates for animals and do not support animal testing.

Are your products gluten-free?

Our products do not contain gluten. However, please consult with a doctor in general before using any product if you have a severe health condition or allergy.

Do you provide international shipping?

Yes, we provide international shipping.

Do your products contain sulfates, PABAs, or parabens?

None of our products contain none of these harsh chemicals and we take great pride in that. Our focus is to provide all-natural and organic products, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Can I use your products if pregnant or breastfeeding?

Please consult with your doctor for more information. Some doctors have different opinions and advice when it comes to natural products.