Who is Ace Medical Distributors

Who is Ace Medical Distributors?

Ace Medical Distributors, with Registration number 2009/043858/23, is a South African owned closed corporation that formulates, manufactures and distributes cosmeceutical skin care products. The CC was founded by Radha Chetty in 2009, and has since been a sole, black woman-owned business with BBBEE (level 1) status. Ace Medical incorporates high quality ingredients into our naturally inspired, organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free products. The business will continue to expand its collection with its primary focus and emphasis on ‘radiating from within’.

Ace Medical began with the fundamental belief that beauty care should bring out the best in our customers, while being environmentally responsible. Ace Medical was born from the Ayurvedic culture, full of healthy traditions, one of which embraces the natural beauty in human beings. The business therefore strives to inculcate this same mind-set for generations to come.

Ace Medical is focused around identifying, developing, and distributing high-end skin care products, such as the trademark la radz range that was launched nationally in 2020 with the objective of distributing worldwide. la radz has a product mix of 19, and is in the process of formulating a range of products much needed by today’s mankind wounded by COVID-19 debilitations. Quality of life is Ace Medical’s cornerstone and is imperative to a sustainable, healthy universe.

Natural and clean for everyone

At Ace Medical we also pride ourselves on maintaining very high standards when it comes to our product ingredients. Clean and natural beauty is possible, and we intend making it available for more of those who desire to take the leap into natural beauty!

We are all about eco-consciousness

We take our environmental responsibility seriously, committing to responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients and moving towards eco-friendly packaging where possible. We also encourage all our customers to recycle their products

Our products are organic

Our products are: Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Free from harsh chemicals, Made from Organic and Natural ingredients and Cruelty-free, Always.

Our unique selling proposition

The unique value of our products lies in their authenticity. All our products are manufactured in South Africa by South Africans. It is a proudly South African production of high-quality skin care products at affordable rates